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    Hi All
    I have a very quick Question
    I setted up an IDM 6.5 environment with an Ldap Connector to an external OpenDJ server using the full stack sample, connection works good and i’m able to populate my OpenDJ with users created on IDM side.
    My problemn started when i wanted to update one attribute of those users, i tried to update givenName attribute using the IDM Web Console and got a password policy error in the log saying that i cannot use the same password i used before.
    When i dived into the issue i saw that with my update request, every single attribute was getting updated as well.
    This is an example of the operation i see in the logs(for that i had to enable logging inserting some groovy classes)

    IDM – onUpdate target = {telephoneNumber=234567890, employeeType=[], givenName=000 v3, kbaInfo=[], dn=uid=000consola,ou=people,ou=identities, aliasList=[], objectClass=[top, inetuser, person, inetOrgPerson, organizationalPerson, iplanet-am-user-service, kbaInfoContainer], sn=consola, ldapGroups=[], uid=000consola, cn=000consola, _id=992fbf12-465e-444c-9d51-5d69f3e57b0f, userPassword=password}

    As you can see the password attribute is present in the operation(amongst other attributes) but this behaviour is unexpected because we only need to modify one attribute.
    In order to stop getting the error i disabled the history count property in the password policy but this is something i cannot do in the productive environment.

    My Ldap Connector Version is 1.4.8

    Is there any configuration i might be ignoring?
    Any help will be appreciated

     Jake Feasel

    If you are using IDM, you can take advantage of the work done for . Basically, set the “excludeUnmodified” attribute in your provisioner configuration and you’ll get the behavior you describe.


    Is there a document link for excludeUnmodified, the integrators guide has no mention of this keyword.

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