Agent Deployment URI Prefix: what is it for?

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    Greetings, my site (lets call it, is configured with that URI Prefix:

    The property for this setting is com.sun.identity.agents.config.agenturi.prefix

    My question is what does it do? If I try in a browser, it is refused by my agent, since I did not configure any policy for “/amagent”, or in the do not enforce list. Should I?

    OpenAM 13
    Web Agent 5


    FYI OpenAM is actually 13.5.0.

     William Hepler

    Really agent 4.1x should be used with Am 13.5.x.

    I’m not finding specifics on the uri amagent other than it’s the Module thats’ loaded for the webcontainer.

    The setting com.sun.identity.agents.config.agenturi.prefix mainly is used to allow the agent to understand it’s hostname/protocol/port, there’s a reference in this KB about it’s usage with reguards to overriding protocol, host, and port on the protected server with the web policy agent.

    You may want to start with just SSOonly mode for initial testing then try policy based just to ensure first that the agent is protecting the resource. The resource it’s self can be the default page of your webserver, such as the “it works” page on apache.

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