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    Hi all,

    after finally upgrading from OpenIDM 3.1 to 4.5 and OpenICF Connectorserver from to and MsPowerShell.Connector.dll from to, I discovered a problem. It disappeard after moving back to Connectorserver and MsPowerShell.Connector.dll

    The error is caused by powershell, “A connection to the directory on which to process the request was unavailable. This is likely a transient condition.”.

    There is little information, but according to the issue can be caused by frequently reloading the ActiveDirectory powershell-module, which I definitly need. Has anyone seen it? Is there a solution?

    I might be missing some configuration detail (did try modifying pooling). Haven’t found anything in the ticket-system and I’m not sure if it might be a bug in OpenIDM or in OpenICF?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Tom Wood

    Hi Patrick,

    As noted, this is an issue with resourcing within the Active Directory Web Services module and occurs when you’ve exceeded the total available number of configured resources.

    As a workaround, you can modify the ADWS configuration here:


    And modify the following values to increase available resources:

        <add key="MaxPoolConnections" value="10" />
        <add key="MaxPercentageReservedConnections" value="50" />    
        <add key="MaxConnectionsPerUser" value="5" />

    Please note, increasing these values may have a performance impact on your AD implementation and should be thoroughly tested.


    Hi Tom,

    whatever I did, nothing solved my issue, not even modifying the ADWS configuration. Like “not at all”.

    But I remembered where I was told to explicitly set “UseInterpretersPool” to false, due to pool-issues and concurrency.

    Now I changed “UseInterpretersPool” back to true and all my troubles seem to be gone.

    At least with OpenICF, didn’t try yet.

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