AdminTokenAction: FATAL ERROR: Cannot obtain Application SSO token

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    I was trying to install openam 12 war with apache tomcat agent as configured sso.But tried more than fifty times but am getting only error.Please help me to solve this issue.Thanks in advance.

    If I change below property value as amAdmin from webagent,while calling the protected application in tomcat second instance it countinously redirecting to same page again and again but didn’t get any exception. amAdmin is my admin user of openam console.

    Please check this link for complete issue details.

     Scott Heger 


    Did you happen to catch this WARNING in the output of your Web Agent install:

    Agent profile/User: webagent does not exist in OpenAM server! Either “Hit
    the Back button, and re-enter the correct agent profile name/user name”, or
    “Create this agent profile when asked(available only in custom-install)”,
    or “Continue without validating it because agent profile is in sub realm”, or
    “Continue without validating/creating it, and manually validate/create
    it in OpenAM server after installation”.

    Looks like you didn’t create the agent profile in OpenAM. Or if you did, you created it in a sub-realm where you would then need to change the value in the file to reference the realm where the agent profile is. The com.sun.identity.agents.config.username property should be set to the name of your agent profile. Looking at your install output it looks like you originally put in “webagent”. Does that profile exist?


    One of the issue I have observed with these kind of errors is, Open AM 13 might not be compatible with Tomcat-8.5.12. Please change tomcat installation in which open AM is deployed to Tomcat-7.0.69. This has solved my problem.

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