Adding entry error when the replication on a server is disabled

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    I setup 2 OpenDJ servers in multi master configuration and the dn I created is happily replicated using this command:

    ./dsreplication enable --host1 --port1 4444\
      --bindDN1 "cn=directory manager" 
      --bindPassword1 opendj --replicationPort1 8989 
      --host2 --port2 4444 --bindDN2 "cn=directory manager" 
      --bindPassword2 opendj --replicationPort2 8989 
      --adminUID admin --adminPassword password --baseDN "dc=test,dc=com" -X -n

    But, when I execute this command on one server:

    ./dsconfig -p 4444 -h ‘’ -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w opendj set-synchronization-provider-prop --provider-name "Multimaster Synchronization" --set enabled:false -X -n

    And trying to add and entry on the Directory Server with the replication still enabled,, I get this error:

    msgID=241 result=53 message="The Replication is configured for suffix dc=test,dc=com but was not able to connect to any Replication Server"

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    I’m not sure I fully understand your settings and whether replication was working initially, but it is expected that if a directory server cannot connect to any replication server (including it’s own embedded one, that you are nicely shutting down), then it will reject changes (since it cannot store them and guarantee they can be replayed).


    You are right, I found out the problem was on the hosts file, now it is able to reach the embedded one Replication Server.

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