Adding and validating Non HTTP resource in OpenAM


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    Is there any way of adding Non HTTP resource to OpenAM server and does it have any rest call for validating the non HTTP resource with a token id.

     Peter Major

    You should be able to define new resource types on the admin console, the only limitation is that you will need to use URIs to describe your resources. Evaluating policies for a different resource type is done the same way as you would evaluate policies for HTTP resources.


    Thanks for the response Peter. Is there a convention for defining URI for a non HTTP resource and Does it follow any pattern ? Could you give us an example.

     Peter Major

    If you want to describe an application as a set of resources for example, you could for example have resources like:

    if you want to describe doors:

    So essentially you can come up with whatever you’d like as long as it resembles a hierarchical URL-like structure (where wildcard matching makes sense).

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