Adding a claim containing a JSON in the Groovy OIDC Claims script

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    I am trying to enrich my OIDC Claims Script in OpenAM 13.5 to add the act claim.
    This claim is itself a table of claims (subclaims).

    I have found an example of a script implementing the may_act claim but in this example the scope/claims logic present in the default script has been removed :

    I tried two different things which sadly are failing :
    – I tried to put a Groovy list as claim value but this fails during the scopes/claim logic
    – I tried to add the claim just before the return, this almost works : /userinfo endpoint returns the claim in the right format but JWT returned are not correctly formatted and cannot be read (Invalid Signature).

    I did not went into much details but I am mainly looking for a solution to handle claims containing subclaims starting from the defaut Groovy OIDC claims script.

    Thank you in advance for the help,


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