Add new attribute to a CSV file (external resource)

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     Morten Lømo

    I have a setup based on sample4, but slightly modified. I am using MySQL as repository and I have a mapping from the CSV file into the repository. Now I add a new attribute “endDate” to the CSV file. I update the files provisioner.openicf-csv.json and sync.json with the same attribute and startup openidm. When I reconcile from the Admin UI I get these error messages in the openidm console:

    -> Aug 26, 2015 11:23:07 PM org.forgerock.openidm.servlet.internal.ServletConnectionFactory$3 filterGenericError
    WARNING: Resource exception: 500 Internal Server Error: “Operation QUERY failed with ConnectorException on system object: null”
    org.forgerock.json.resource.InternalServerErrorException: Operation QUERY failed with ConnectorException on system object: null
    at org.forgerock.openidm.provisioner.openicf.impl.OpenICFProvisionerService.handleConnectorException(
    at org.forgerock.openidm.provisioner.openicf.i
    Caused by: org.forgerock.openicf.csvfile.util.CSVSchemaException: Attributes count (9) in line 3 is not equal to header size (7).
    at org.forgerock.openicf.csvfile.util.Utils.createCsvItem(

    I also see that the repository has not been updated with the new attribute.

    Any idea what I am doing wrongly? Are there other files that I need to update?


     Morten Lømo

    My mistake. I had two commas instead of full stops in my CSV file. Problem solved. Sorry.

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