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    Hello Members,

    I am new and trying to learn the Forgerock suite. My question is applicable in the following context:

    – ForgeRock OpenIDM;
    – Ubuntu 16.04.1. Linux linux 4.4.0-62
    – MySQL 5.7.17.
    – ForgeRock OpenIDM 4-5 Installation Guide.pdf page 20.

    There are no Activity Mysql scripts in the openidm-4.0.0. The folder /openidm/db/activiti includes the files “database.h2.db” and “database.lock.db”. Am I missing something, or this is normal for the OpenIDM 4.0.0? Are the MySQL scripts needed?


     Hanns Nolan

    you should find the appropriate files under /openidm/db/mysql there are the sql scripts and config examples.


    Thanks Hanns,

    There are no scripts in the folder which you indicated, apart from openidm.sql and sample-explicit-managed-user.sql. This is why I posted my topic. I was wondering whether the standard OpenIDM should include them. It seems that they are not there. The same for db2 and mssql.

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