Access to Java class “byte” is prohibited.

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    In a groovy Script (OAth2 Access Token Modification), I’m trying to set a Authorization Header with the “Basic” scheme, like this:

    import org.forgerock.util.encode.Base64
    request.headers.add("Authorization", "Basic " + Base64.encode("user:test".bytes) )

    And getting the following exception:

    org.forgerock.openam.scripting.ThreadPoolScriptEvaluator:08/27/2020 02:07:37:140 PM CEST: Thread[http-bio-,5,main]: TransactionId[94db24b1-cd74-4a4c-8d8d-475af25ccab0-387545]
    ERROR: Script terminated with exception
    java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: javax.script.ScriptException: javax.script.ScriptException: java.lang.SecurityException: Access to Java class "byte" is prohibited.

    I looked in the “Java class whitelist” and java.lang.Byte was there, I even added java.lang.Byte.TYPE to no avail.

    Product & Version: ForgeRock Access Management


    Primitive types like byte doesn’t (or shouldn’t) need to be whitelisted. I tried reproducing this in v6.5.2.3 and was able to reproduce. However, it’s not a problem in v7 and works as intended. I don’t have an immediate answer but this may be a problem with the underlying Groovy Sandbox.

     Scott Heger

    Probably related to which would explain why it works in v7.


    I forgot to link these bugs. Your issue might be related to the below JIRA bugs:

    So, the issue seem to have been resolved in v6.5.3+. If upgrading is not an answer in your scenario, you may want to open a ticket and see if a patch can be provided.


     Scott Heger



    Adding byte to the whitelist solved it.


    +1. Thanks for sharing.

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