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    I have setup OpenIDM on a server, and I want to access the web UI, however I am only able to access it from the server by using https://localhost:8443/openidmui

    I want to be able to access the UI from outside the server, but when I try the connection times out.
    I know that some web UIs for other services needs to be enabled for outside use, but I have been unable to find any mention of such a setting for OpenIDM.

    So are there a setting I need to enable? or is it just something in my network that is setup wrong and blocking the request?


    Try replacing “localhost” by the IP address of your server. Then, if this machine/IP is visible from another machine (check it with “ping” command), you should be able to see OpenIDM UI as well. Otherwise, that might be a network issue or a Firewall.

     Mike Jang


    In your case, the question is whether something is blocking access to port 8443, such as a firewall.

    Apologies if you’ve already taken these steps, but you should first confirm network connectivity. Substitute the IP address of your OpenIDM server for remote_ip

    ping remote_ip
    telnet remote_ip 8443

    If successful, you’ll see a message such as
    Trying remote_ip…
    Connected to
    Escape character is ‘^]’.

    I know it works for me when I have a firewall on a remote VM. On that firewall I opened only ports 22 and 8443. As OpenIDM uses Jetty, there’s nothing “special” in terms of that service.



    Thanks alot for the help. It was indeed a firewall issue, but the problem was not on the server it self but on a middle layer I had forgotten about.

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