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    We used to access this repo to build openam:

    Now if we try to access a user and password are requested (before we could use it without authentication).

    Where can I find the credentials?

    Tahnk you.


    Same problem here.

    Has the policy changed on this repositories? Public repos seem to be protected now as well.

     Scott Heger

    I don’t have the full answer, but I am able to access the repo after entering in my username and password.


    Authenticating with backstage credentials doesn’t work for me. Fails with the error “403 Download request for repo:path ‘releases:’ is forbidden for user”.

    My user doesn’t have any subscriptions, but this used to be a public repository until somtime last Friday, so I didn’t expect to need any.


    UPDATE: I can access the repository now, but it just shows an empty directory index. Seems like some trouble with the repository server.

    Can someone from ForgeRock comment on what’s going on?


    I’ve got the same issue. Interested to hear from someone at ForgeRock.


    Hi all – did anyone get a resolution to this?

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