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    I have a server with no gui and I want to access the control panel of the embedded OpenDJ from my local machine. I have already seen the video by @Rajesh R an trying to work on that. I was also trying ssh port forwarding. Till now nothing seems to work. Any help will be appreciated.

     Matt Miller

    Hi Jay,

    What I would suggest is trying to send display back of a simple program first – since this has nothing to do with OpenDJ.

    Most linux machines have something like “xclock” which will just display a GUI clock. If you can get that working first, then most likely the control panel will also work.

    I would look into SSH port forwarding, but that might not be enough. For example the machine you are forwarding the display to also has to accept X11, so you might need an Xwindows server if you are on Microsoft Windows for example.

    Basically, just because you’ve forwarded X11 to another machine doesn’t mean that machine can display it.

    Take a look at something like for example. You’ll see there are two parts to the puzzle, x11 forwarding using Putty and also the Xming server on Windows.

    Once you have the X11 forwarding down, and you have a valid X11 server that will accept the calls from your server with no GUI — You should be able to run xclock or gvim or any other gui on the server and have it displayed on your other machine (MS Windows?, Mac?).

    Once that’s done, the control panel in OpenDJ would be no different and should display just fine.


    The easier way is to unzip a similar version of OpenDJ binary on your local machine and connect remote to the embedded OpenDJ.


    @Matt Miller

    The server has no GUI installed and I also tried everything with X11 and port forwarding (actually those are the first things I tried). Anyway I got some of the cli features of OpenDJ working as expected and was able to use it that way.


    I have achieved my goal for now but I will definitely look into your suggestion.

    Thanks for all the help.

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