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    How can i create a custom attribute that linked to another attribute.For example,one user has an email attribute, and this attribute in openDJ named ‘mail’, then i create a custom attribute named ’email’, both attribute value are ‘[email protected]’, now i changed the value of the attribute ‘eamil’ to ‘[email protected]’, i hope the value of the attribute ‘mail’ changed to ‘[email protected]’ too at the same time. Can openDJ support this. Thanks for any suggestions.


    I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, but if the 2 attributes must have the same value, why do you need 2 attributes?
    If it is because you have applications that are expecting the ‘mail’ attribute and others that expects the ’email’ attribute, it’s possible to give multiple names to the same attribute. So an application querying ’email’ will get back ’email’, another one querying ‘mail’ will get ‘mail’.

    Alternately, you can achieve what you need with a custom virtual attribute plugin that would duplicate the value of the ‘mail’ standard attribute.


    Thanks for you suggestions.You said ‘give multiple names to the same attribute’, how can i do this, is there any related doucument. And the same for ‘a custom virtual attribute plugin’.


    You can try this way

    attributeTypes: ( 2.16.830.1.112710.3.2.221 NAME ( ‘displayName‘ ‘display-name‘ )
    DESC ‘displaying entries’
    EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
    SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch

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