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    I’ve installed OpenAM 14-Snapshot, 13.0.0 Release on JBoss 6.4.5 GA (this is the version I MUST get it running on) and I get two issues, the first is that it does not recognize the Weld namespace, so I removed jboss-all.xml . BTW, I tried various other versions of the namespace that I believe match the version of Weld included with JBoss 6.4, but I could never get it to boot. At this point, it installs and boots in Centos on a Vagrant box. I can create realms, I can run the OpenDJ applications. However, for a lot of links, I get 404, for example, configuration SAML2. And, when I click on DataSource, it is inactive – I can’t see or configure in the UI. Comparing to the Rajasekaran videos, its like half the features are inactive as links or unavailable (JBOSS 404 errors) . I wondering what to expect. Maybe I should try with Wildfly 8 just to see if its all to do with my version of JBoss and Weld. Cheers.

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