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    The configuration setup is , IDM is used as Connector to external DS. I am able to create a User via the API, but the user API returns response 404 response .

     Bill Nelson

    Please add the request/payload/response to this thread and I will take a look.

    You say the user was created in IDM. Please perform a GET on that user and post here as well.


    @Bill Nelson

    This is the response , for any operation involving the created users. The user is created in DS

    “code”: 404,
    “reason”: “Not Found”,
    “message”: “No Such Entry: The provided entry dc=people,dc=site,dc=ebay,dc=com cannot be added because its suffix is not defined as one of the suffixes within the Directory Server”


    Maybe there is a mismatch in your provisioner file for LDAP.

    From my experience, when IDM makes a create or update, it will then make a GET on the resource to check if the update was OK.

    If you have access to your LDAP access logs, you can check what kind of LDAP request is made.

    Here it seems to look to “dc=ebay,dc=com” root suffix which is not in your LDAP ?

    You have 2 “baseContexts” in the provisioner :

            "baseContexts" : [
            "baseContextsToSynchronize" : [

    Could you check or show us your baseContexts / baseContextsToSynchronize ?

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