• Hi Mike,

    Version of OpenIDM = 3.1.O
    Version of OpenICF JAVA Remote Connector =
    Operating System = WINDOWS Server 2008 R2

    We’r installed JAVA Remote Connector-, Openidm-3.1.0 and putty in the server and configure the XML connector by follow OpenIDM 3.1.0 integration guidelines documents.


  • Hi,

    We installed Remote Java connector in the Server and we kept the sample xml data in the server then we are trying to access the xml data remotely by using the openidm from local machine but, we are getting the Bad Magic Number 1397966893 error in the server…

    Please Can anyone help me to fix this error in the server.


  • Hi,
    I am trying to connect AD by using remote java connector, I installed remote java connector its working fine(Installation is successful) and what are the next steps to continue…please provide the best document for connecting to AD by using the remote java connector…we tried by using the dotnet remote connector to connect AD,through…[Read more]