• sireeshanp posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    How can we configure User-Self-service in OpenAM to use a service like Twilio or Salesforce marketing cloud etc,. to send the verification emails instead of OOB configuration to use the Email Server with SMTP configuration?

    • You will get better traction on this question if you were to post under Access Management/IDM than here.

      AM or OpenAM provides basic User-Self service for profile management. If you plan to connect to external services like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, I believe IDM via its connector interface would be a better option. And I am not sure on your usage of Twilio from your question, if you plan to use Twilio for 2nd factor like sending an SMS, etc., you can use Twilio Tree Node (available via Marketplace) in an Auth Tree. Hope this helps!

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