• nishitsingh posted an update 5 years ago

    @fatbloke : Hi, I am trying to impliment the PUSH- auth using openAM.
    So here, I am able to create push-auth and push reg modules & chains.
    – The issue comes when I build a project at FR Backstage, the cloud services tab says “Configure ForgeRock cloud services for this environment”
    and the OPEN AM PUSH- AUTH SERVICE tab does NOT appear.

    Kindly, help me with this.
    Thanks in advance.

    • @nishitsingh If you are a ForgeRock customer and OpenAM/AM is part of your subscription, but you do not have access to Push Authentication credentials in BackStage, it means that your contract currently does not include the Push Authentication (AM-PUSH-AUTH) module. To add this module to your subscription, please contact your account manager or our sales team at [email protected].

    • @fatbloke:Hi, thanks for the quick response. I am currently using an evalution copy of the OpenAM without subscription and I have downloaded and installed it in my local machine.
      -So can we have the access to the Push Authentication (AM-PUSH-AUTH) module (within the cloud services of Forgerock) without having a subscription?

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