• I have a concern on the comment about SAE being a Legacy feature of AM. Has it been replaced? What would be a more forward looking approach to a Virtual Federation (Remote IdP and Remote SP – but utilize AM for Cookie/Token once Authenticated)

  • Yes I am writing to result handler – I mostly followed the code from the CSV connector… here is the entire method… I appreciate the response and hope you can further clarify. The documentation is OK, but not terribly detailed.

    public void executeQuery(ObjectClass oclass, Filter query, ResultsHandler handler, OperationOptions options) {…[Read more]

  • I have implemented a OpenICF Connector in which everything seems to work as expected when mapping against the managed users, with a single exception.
    I don’t see any ‘Data’ tab in the IdM (v6) Admin Web Interface. Any ideas on why this wouldn’t appear? I’ve implemented the following interfaces:
    Connector, CreateOp, ResolveUsernameOp, DeleteOp,…[Read more]

  • Whenever I try to update to an Active Directory Connector during reconciliation, I always get an InvalidAttributeValueException. I have verified many times over that the value is a valid type (String). In fact if the value is synchronized (initially) from AD and I change even a single character the update will fail when I reconcile the other…[Read more]

  • We’re creating an OpenICF Connector to interface with our internal user systems. I’m having issues with two things – minor, but still annoying and I’d love create the best solutions possible.

    1.) The Messages.properties doesn’t seem to work with the Custom Configuration class @ConfigurationProperty annotation correctly. Try as I might, I cannot…[Read more]