• Hi Bruno,

    Ah, thank you very much. I never knew I could work with the Tags. As long as I can get consistent versions with the tags… :)

    This helped a lot!


  • Hello

    I was trying to build OpenDJ 3.0 from scratch and make an Standard-RPM out of it. I did a checkout of release/3.0.0 on all the projects and started to build them. In the local repository they got all saved as 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Unfortunately the rpm packaging expects a 3.0.0 release and downloads that version from the forgerock repository…[Read more]

  • Let me thank you here too or else it seems so rude if someone doesn’t know that we had a second conversation on your blog ;)

    Thank you very much!

    One last question:
    When I run the build it takes the OpenDJ version from the online repository and I haven’t found the place yet where I can tell it to take my local build. I tried to put the local…[Read more]

  • Hello OpenDJ-Community,

    I am very new to OpenDJ (and Java) and playing around with the commercial and the manually built open source version to see what we are able to to with it.

    In version 2.6.x pulled from svn there was an easy way to build a rpm package with ‘./build.sh package-RPM’ from the resulting zip file. Is there any equivalent with…[Read more]