• Thanks – I’ll check that out. Is there a downside (other than $$) of running with a huge entry cache just to get us through this transition period? We’re running on Google Cloud, and the entire contents of the database are like 2gb on disk

  • First of all – thank you so much for your response and time, it’s greatly apprecaited.

    That’s helpful to know about the connection rate. I’m curious how the async requests work multiplexed over a single connection, especially if the query time is long. I’d imagine they would queue up on the client side waiting to for a turn. Looking at the…[Read more]

  • We are using DS 6.0 to host users, resources and policy groups (which group a collection of users into a policy on a resource). We have:

    60k users (people)
    ~500k policy groups (membership varies widely, typically < 100, but a few groups have 10,000s)
    ~100k resources (typically 4-5 policies per resource)

    We run a query to get all groups for a…[Read more]