• Ahhh apologies I misunderstood the difference between clients and resource server. I have set up OpenIG as a client on CAS and can go to my CAS server and generate a token for a user using OpenIG as the client ID. Would this mean I would need an additional server to act as a resource server? And do you know of any?

    How would I go about setting…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use OpenIG as an Oauth2.0 resource server and CAS as an authorization server? Quite new to both of the products and was hoping to get Oauth working as we are looking to implement SSO. We use RADIUS with our CAS server to allow us to use another authentication server that focuses on multi factor…[Read more]

  • Checking license acceptance…License terms accepted.
    License, legal-notices/license.txt, has been accepted.
    License Hash: a5GIoWOZQaGncrUaRgtjo5kmm7g=.
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  • Hi,

    I’ve been trying to get openAM configured to use my openLDAP as a config and datastore. I have entered all the details correctly but when I go to set up I get a LDAP exception occurred error, check install.log.

    Could anyone decipher the errors I am getting as I’m not too sure what they mean and maybe point me in some sort of direction as…[Read more]