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    This question is regarding OpenAM custom policy creation.
    I created a new policy but my response attributes are not getting updated in UI.I dont want to manually go and update the policy using openAM restAPI for policy editing.When i searched there were other people who have posted the same question and forgerock has told they are able to…[Read more]

  • Actually we set password policy stating password to be updated should not be there history. But our sync.json updates password also each time we update values in openIDM which tries to sync in openDJ also.So this issue can be fixed by moving password field to on Create trigger

  • Thanks Bill and Sripathy.Let me try out your suggestions:)

  • I created a custom user object in ForgeRock openIDM. While creating user in openIDM it is synced in openDJ. But user data is not getting synced when I do update.

    When I remove the mappings for openIDM and openDJ and create new mappings, sync works fine for some time and later it stops working. Again I have to remove old mappings and create new…[Read more]