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    I am working in an university assignment about UMA 2.0 and I am in trouble.

    I create a policy like this:

        "policyId": "db88a221-7a03-452e-85be-6cf0a624e97c0",
                "subject": "bob",
                "scopes": [

    Then, I ask for a permission ticket like this:

            "resource_id" : "db88a221-7a03-452e-85be-6cf0a624e97c0",
            "resource_scopes" : ["read","write"]

    WHen I ask for a RPT I am getting this response:
    "error_description": "The client is not authorised to access the requested resource set. A request has been submitted to the resource owner requesting access to the resource",

    But, when I accept the request in console, works fine, why creating the policy with REST is not working?

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