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    Hello there!

    We are very much interested in the great work you are doing with OpenUMA. Is there a v1 already released? If we wanted to start trying out the code your working on at, how would we do that? Is there any documentation written on the matter?


     Mark Craig


    You can start testing UMA features by using a nightly build of OpenAM.

    The not-yet-released draft documentation that goes along with the nightly builds covers UMA. You’ll find that documentation in progress at

    Hope it helps.

     Mark Craig

    Hello again,

    I hope you’ve been following developments in the nightly builds.

    This is just a note to say that ForgeRock’s platform update this past week included supported release versions of OpenAM and OpenIG with UMA capabilities.

    You’ll find documentation for OpenAM’s implementation of the authorization server in the Admin Guide chapter, Managing UMA Authorization.

    OpenIG includes resource server capabilities and a tutorial described in OpenIG as an UMA Resource Server.

    The OpenIG tutorial uses a bare-bones JavaScript and HTML client as an example. This is not meant as a full client implementation, but instead a simplification to help people who already know OAuth 2.0 and want to get started with UMA.


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