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     David G. Simmons

    This looks to be near-perfect IoT hardware for integrating into a ForgeRock IoT stack.

    It’s all open source, REST APIs are built in, and a host of other nifty features including security built-in.


    I have this primal urge to get a Raspberry Pi, a BeagleBoard, a handful of bluetooth stamps, now also that, a Nymi band, the Myo armband, an Oculus Rift, some old linux based phones (Like the Nokia N900) as web servers (just because) and do something awesome with it…

    But then I remember I’m no hard core engineer and it would just end in tears. :)

     David G. Simmons

    I, too, am itching to get a Nymi band, and most of the other stuff you mentioned. As I said (at least on my blog), I’m a hardware freak. I just haven’t the time for it all like I want. I should send you some Sun SPOTs. They help turn hardware projects into software projects. :-)


    Ahh, Sun SPOTs, old school :)

    I have settled for finished products like Sonos and LIFX at home, and I have orderd a set of to turn what was once controlled by a button into something that can be controlled by a bttn. The irony!

     David G. Simmons

    Hey, it only took me less than an hour to get a Sun SPOT using ForgeRock OpenIDM the other day!

    Love the … Now that’s the internet at it’s finest right there! I can think of a million uses for those. None of them involve making anything other than a button act like a button.


    Is there any IoT SDK as mentioned in…/FR_IdentityPlatform2.0-Letter.pdf.
    How can I download it ?


    Yes, sure it is the great choice to use for integrating into a ForgeRock IoT stack.

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