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     David G. Simmons

    A quick little presentation I put together the other day on the IoT Ecosystem of today.


    FYI, I couldn’t get past the dhtml viewer issue in Chrome, FF or Opera :/

     David G. Simmons

    Hmmm … I’ve run it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X, and it works, other than the fact that Chrome has abysmal HTML5 support and it is unreadable. Opera and Firefox on Windows 7 works too. On each of those, however, on the first load I get an error message, and I have to hit the ‘Back’ button and then hit ‘Start’ again, after which it works fine. No idea what that is. Sorry. If that doesn’t work for you at all, I can post it as a Movie, or I can email you the original Keynote file, assuming you have access to a Mac.

     David G. Simmons

    Ok, so I posted a movie version of it as well. The timings are a bit harder to handle, so you may have to hit pause/rewind if you miss something. Hope that helps. (Firefox on Mac didn’t have great resolution, but Chrome and Safari worked great.)


    I gave it a shot in Safari as well, but no luck on the two first attempts – but on the third attempt it worked :) The keynote player was asking the browser to download over a thousand resources and 10 mb of javascript – i think the original page request simply times out at some point.

    The video was all good of course, thanks!


    Thank you for share this useful information of the Internet of Things. From some past few years, the Internet of Things technology becomes very popular and advanced technology which is used everywhere.

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