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     David G. Simmons

    Electric Imp has a very interesting and fairly unique IoT implementation here. I”ll let you know more in a week or so as my electric imp hardware module should be delivered in a day or so. But this video is a good intro.


     Victor Ake

    David, I am Interested in knowing your results after you receive your hw. I met the guys from electric imp in an IoT conf in San Francisco.

     David G. Simmons

    I’ll post a complete update on my blog at http://davidgs.com/davidgs_blog/ once I get it and start playing with it.

    I need a larger tech-toy budget. :-)

     David G. Simmons

    So I got my electric imp and breakout board Friday, and finally was able to dive into it a bit today. I only had an hour or two to devote to it (while watching the 49ers) so here’s what I know so far:


    I like it, and will hammer on it more as time permits. Their web-based IDE is nice, and the reaction time of the device to the cloud-based input is stellar.


    Neat way to “flash” the device!


    David, I took some time to read through your blog post plus visited the Electric Imp website. I am pretty intrigued by this and it reminds me of the fun projects we did in my EE courses, but I didn’t get to play with the I in IoT and that’s what is so fascinating. The Squirrel language does look simple to implement, which makes sense since they stated it is object oriented and similar to C, C++, C#, and JavaScript.

    Thank you for the video and blog update. Fun way to spend my first morning on a one week break from my courses!

     David G. Simmons

    I’m glad it was helpful. I’m expanding it some this week and *trying* to make it something actually semi-useful. We’ll see how that goes. I was also going to do some integration with the ForgeRock stack from the agent side and see about doing some authentication that way. Stay tuned. :-)


    Hardware of IoT includes devices, servers, routers, etc. These devices handle tasks and functions, like:

    System Activation


    Action Specification


    Detection of goals and actions.

    Visit here! https://goo.gl/1QrGXi


    I have interested to know about your new implementation of Electric Imp. When you share it with us?


    Hi…I will disabling the logging… I don’t need it. I thought I had it disabled but it appears that a software updates wipes out some or all settings. I know I have had to reconfigured RTK correction settings and hostnames after a software update in the past. Not sure if this is the correct behavior or not.

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