Good blog post on Identity Relationship Management in the Internet of things

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     Jamie Bowen 

    Victor Ake built a great system that manages relationships between people and things. Read about it here;

     David G. Simmons 

    I commented on the bog post itself, but I thought maybe more discussion here might be interesting. The demo is awesome, and demonstrates some great possibilities with IRM and IoT. I was also interested in the use case on devices that don’t have any display or user interaction. After all, the market for devices like wearables is (at some level) limited by the number of humans on the planet. Yes, we keep making more humans, but still. The larger IoT market will be non-user-dependent devices. M2M, environmental sensors, etc. where no UI exists. How to authenticate those things?

    I like this possibility: It has an Atmel ATSHA204 chip with a 72-bit unique ID, built-in crypto engine, etc. Being able to register, configure, authenticate, etc. devices using their (verifiable) Unique ID, including crypto, opens the potential market up considerably.


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