Extremely Low Power IoT

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     David G. Simmons 

    Apparently if I don’t start a topic here, no one will. :-) So I thought I’d plug this startup that is poised to change the landscape of IoT. Imagine what IoT would look like if devices didn’t need a battery? To give you some perspective, imagine what the IoT is going to look like if devices DO require a battery! I wrote a blog post about it (http://bit.ly/1btfMxz) but to summarize … Gartner/Forrester/etc. say 20B devices by 2020. Say ½ of them require a battery. 10B devices. Be generous and give the batteries a 3-year duty-cycle. You’re changing over 3B batteries every year. Grim. Unless you have an army of battery changers.

    So let’s go battery-less. http://bit.ly/1xyDX7J Now that could change IoT.

     Victor Ake 

    Going battery-less is also good for the environment. The amount of batteries wrongly disposed in the world will kick us back.

     David G. Simmons 

    An additional 3B batteries a year is an ecological disaster. And that’s on the low end. Extremely low-power and energy harvesting are going to be a requirement if IoT is going to be a success.

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