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    Hello gentlemen

    I am trying to replicate the visual schema of the dynamic registration in the IoT-edge SDK but without the gateway for now. Building the thing, building in a way the manufacturer is and reacts to the thing , second to the AM. I am completely new in SDK’s to use via a coding gui. I understand that in the example which i followed with the script and the instructions that when mapping the cert in the secret store we do this manually if i am correct. So i want to build that also with the help of rest calls to automatically put this into the AM secret store without human interaction.

    And i took the time of knowing GO better, which the SDK is build of.

    But i dont know how to use the SDK properly, so i have VScode, and GO installed, everything is in place, also the SDK package in my workspace. And i am exploring the documents. But can anyone explain on how to use a sdk properly?

    I find vids on the internet, but it is still not clear to me how to start off with a SDK.
    I know now what a SDK is, but not in what sort of way to use it.

    Any tips or url’s are welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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