Introducing our introductory video series – What is Identity

Whilst many of the visitors to this site are well versed in the finer details of the identity and access management space, there are still a fair few who are still coming up to speed as well. Furthermore, we know that sometimes one needs to explain at a higher level what it is we do on a day to day basis; whether it’s to explain to a colleague why identity management is important, or to explain to one’s mother what it is we do for a living.

To facilitate the further education around identity and access management related topics, we’ve put together a comprehensive video series (19 videos currently) that provides high-level overviews of a variety of identity-related topics.

Some examples include:

What is Identity Management?


What is Authentication?

and some more in-depth topics like…

Machine to Machine Identity

You can see the full series (all 19 videos) here.

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  1. krishraj19 6 years ago

    Hi, his is Rajesh here from Dallas TX, Our company is planning to use ForgeRock application for Identity tracking activities. I work in data base side and i would like to know if we can link all 3 data?

    Like Identity,configuration and Authentication.

    Appreciate your response.


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