It’s The Little Things – Part 1

Since I began working with the ForgeRock technology I have been impressed by how much you can do with it in a very short time and from what I have seen this is really underpinned by an philosophy of developer friendliness. There are lots of small features throughout the platform that are solely there to make life for implementors and developers easier.

In this series I wanted to take the opportunity to call out some of these little things that can make a big difference to your day to day experience.

Simulated Attribute Mapping

One of my favourite features in OpenIDM. Say you need to create provisioning integration with a target system. More often than not you need to manipulate or transform source attributes to achieve this.

Below you can see I have created a mapping to Active Directory in OpenIDM. This is a fairly common requirement that comes up time and again. Among other attributes, when you create an Active Directory account you need to define a Distinguished Name (DN).

I have configured the following script to generate a DN:

This is fairly simple, it just takes the userName of the user in OpenIDM and appends the rest of the desired DN as a fixed string. This is all fairly standard stuff. What is really useful, is that I can simulate the output of my DN transformation before I actually provision any accounts. To do this you just need to select an existing OpenIDM user using the Sample Source feature:

You can now see what the target output will actually look like for a given user. This is a really handy timesaver if you need to write complex mappings and enables you to quickly get a feel whether or not your transformation is correct before you have to go back and forth with failed provisioning operations against Active Directory.

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