Using your phone with a mobile OpenAM demo environment

(Another blog which is a memo-to-self)

Here’s the problem:

  • My OpenAM server is running on Tomcat on my Mac
  • My Mac (which is a client machine really) moves with me across different networks, getting different network addresses as it goes
  • My phone needs to connect to my Mac using a dns name
  • And for a bonus point, in order to demo upcoming Push Authentication:
    • the Mac needs to be connected to the Internet;
    • the phone needs to be connected to a data connection.

So I need a setup like this:

DNS Server

The key to getting this setup to work is to run a DNS server on the Mac. I used the excellent dnsmasq which by default uses the /etc/hosts file on the Mac as its source of information.

So in my /etc/hosts I have something like: ahall

where is the IP address of my Mac on the wireless network.

Phone Settings

Then I configured my iPhone (which has to be on the same WiFi) to point to the Mac as a DNS server.  Go to Settings…Wifi…click on the “i” and add the Mac’s IP address (i.e. as a DNS Server, ahead of the usual DNS Servers you may use (such as


While trying to get this to work, I found that occasionally I had to stop and start dnsmasq:
# sudo launchctl stop homebrew.mxcl.dnsmasq

# sudo launchctl start homebrew.mxcl.dnsmasq
…especially after making changes to /etc/hosts.

(You may also find that Dyn Dig is a useful tool to have at hand. It is a mobile app version of the DNS resolution tool dig.)

On the Move

What this setup does require is that when your Mac moves to a different WiFi network or, in general, gets a different IP address, you will clearly need to change your /etc/hosts and Phone settings again. So it is not a perfect solution.

But it does mean I can test OpenAM from my phone:




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