Theming a ForgeRock OpenAM 13 Realm XUI


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  1. Firos 7 years ago

    I have done these steps,

    mkdir -p sso/services/myRealm/html

    cp -r default/* sso/services/myRealm/html

    and edited text. But it not works for me.

  2. Firos 7 years ago

    What it does actually and how?

  3. Firos 7 years ago

    But when I edit

    its working

    Anything else need to do?

  4. Rajesh R 7 years ago

    @Firos Under the ‘auth’ directory, you must create a directory structure openam/services/myrealm/html to which you’re expected to copy all the files from the ‘auth/default/’ directory. In the step mentioned above, it is assumed that the name of your realm is ‘myrealm’. Edit the appropriate XML file (i.e: DataStore.xml if you are using DataStore as the authentication module for ‘myrealm’). Once done, navigate to the following URL test it:

    Assuming that DataStore authentication module is a part of your default authentication chain for ‘myrealm’, you should see the message that you have modified in the ‘DataStore.xml’ file under openam/services/myrealm/html/ directory.

    If it doesn’t work, try clearing all cache, and if possible restarting your OpenAM instance.

  5. Firos 7 years ago

    I have created following structure,

    changed DataStore.xml

    cleared browser cache and restarted OpenAM

    Even then i am not able to see change i made, instead it shows change made in sso/config/auth/default_en/DataStore.xml

    That is it still works with “default_en”.

    Is “openam” is mandatory in,
    or “sso” in my case (OpenAM war name) ?

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