Customizing ForgeRock OpenAM 13 XUI Login Page


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  1. regi4life 7 years ago

    Good job !

    This video is very usefull. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. jamsheer 7 years ago

    Very help full!

  3. nkarthik 6 years ago

    We can change the messages.
    Can we change the UI layout as well as theme (like button colors, background, disable/enable/hover buttons) for each realm?

  4. Rajesh R 6 years ago

    @nkarthik I have another screencast around the themes in OpenAM for Realm. It doesn’t cover the customisation of the UI Layout though:

  5. nkarthik 6 years ago

    @RajeshR I think we can’t modify the HTML page per realm basis. Correct?
    I think it was the same case in v12 as well. Only in legacy UI, we had the option to modify the JSPs

  6. chandrabhanurastogi 6 years ago

    Hi Rajesh,

    Can you help me in customizing the authentication fail message in openam 13 + LDAP authentication. I want to show different customized message when LDAP sends 401 status on login page.

    Kind Regards,
    Chandra Bhanu Rastogi

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