Set Top Box Emulator and OAuth2 Device Flow

This is really an extension to a blog I did in October 2015 – Device Authorization using OAuth2 and OpenAM, with an application written in Node.js using the newly released OpenAM 13.0.

The basic flow hasn’t really changed. Ultimately there is a client – the TV emulator – that communicates to OpenAM and the end user, with the end user also performing out-of-band operations via a device which has better UI capabilities – aka a tablet or laptop.

The app boots and initiates a request to OpenAM to get a unique user and device code, prompting the user to hit a specific URL on their tablet.
The user authenticates with the OpenAM resource server as necessary, enters the code and performs a consent dance to approve the request from the TV to be paired and retrieve data from the user’s profile – in this case, overloading the postaladdress attribute in DJ to store favourite channel data.
In the meantime, the TV client is performing a polling operation – checking with the OpenAM authorization service, to see if the end user has entered the correct user_code and approved the request.  Once completed the TV retrieves a typical OAuth2 bearer payload, including the refresh_token and access_token values that can be used to retrieve the necessary attributes.
Future requests from the TV now no longer need to request password or authorization data.  By leveraging a long live refresh_token access can be managed centrally.
For more information on OAuth2 Device Flow see here.
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  1. [email protected] 7 years ago


    thanks for this useful information (and the october 2015 post too!).
    on the verge to implementing this flow, I’m wondering about how to design the cliend_id/secret initialization:
    – should I set one client-id/secret shared among all objects ? (easier to manufacture but I cannot revoke rogue objects)
    – should I set dynamically a client_id/secret per object. how/when should I generate/put them into the objects? just before initiating this device flow?
    what about rotating secrets?

    do you have any insight in this? any pointer to similar thoughts?

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