OpenIDM Forgot Password: Randomly select security questions

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Configuration Changes

This note describes the customizations necessary to use 2 or more security questions for the following OpenIDM features: user self-registration, change security data and forgot password. Please note that this article was originally written for v3.0.

Common Configurations

Add the new user profile attributes under allowed properties.


Add policies to the newly added security question and answer attributes.


Include the security answer as a managed object.


Return a comma separated list of values in the endpoint that is called before security questions are to be shown to the user:


Ensure the new security question gets aggregated as shown here:

Self Registration

HTML Template Changes


Edit the template to include another security question as shown here:

If you want questions pre-selected when viewing the registration page, add this script to the page:

setTimeout(function () {
document.getElementById("securityQuestion").selectedIndex = 1;
document.getElementById("securityQuestion2").selectedIndex = 2;
}, 200);

JavaScript Changes


Here we setup the registration code such that it allows the user to setup 2 security questions at the time of self-registration.

Change Security Data

HTML Template Changes


Change the template to include the option of setting up 2 security questions instead of a default of one OpenIDM ships with:

JavaScript Changes


In the javascript, we need to ensure that whenever the user wants to change their security questions, the previously configured ones show up as selected:

Note that this demo does not attempt to manage the UI display order of the previous security questions.

Forgot Password

This code change in UserDelegate.js enables randomly showing any of the 2 configured security questions.



When a user has forgotten their password, they need to click on the Forgot Password link. The security question presented to them is randomly selected from the 2 configured list of questions.

User Interface Views

Self Registration

Change Security Data

Forgot Password


The following REST calls are made to manage a user’s password reset.

List of Questions

The list of security questions can be received via this API call:

GET http://openidm-server:port/openidm/config/ui/secquestions

User Defined Security Question(s)

This pulls up the security question(s) defined for the user indicated by user-name:

POST http://openidm-server:port/openidm/endpoint/securityQA?_action=securityQuestionForUserName&uid=user-name

Submit Security Response

A security response can be submitted to OpenIDM via:

POST http://openidm-server:port/openidm/endpoint/securityQA?_action=checkSecurityAnswerForUserName&uid=user-name&securityAnswer=<user-response>

Reset User Password

Once the user has entered the correct security response, you may change the password via this API call:

POST http://openidm-server:port/openidm/endpoint/securityQA?_action=setNewPasswordForUserName&newPassword=new-password&uid=user-name&securityAnswer=<response>

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