ForgeRock Full Stack Configuration

If you’re in a hurry to know what each of the ForgeRock Identity Platform Components is meant to do, try the Full Stack Configuration. In just over fifteen minutes, you’ll see:

– Installation of ForgeRock OpenDJ
– Deployment of ForgeRock OpenAM
– Configuration of OpenDJ as an Identity Repository in ForgeRock OpenAM
– Installation of ForgeRock OpenIDM
– Configuring OpenDJ as External Resource in OpenIDM
– Running a reconciliation in OpenIDM from OpenDJ
– Provisioning a User from OpenIDM to OpenDJ
– Using OpenAM as the Authentication Module for OpenIDM

With a much awaited weekend around the corner, I couldn’t really get over the laziness to create a better illustration than the one below to help visualize what’s mentioned above.


Please watch it, if you have some time. Enjoy!

Thanks: ForgeRock Product Documentation

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  1. vijay.godhasara 6 years ago

    Great presentation !!!

    I have setup a full stack with SAML service provider and if i have login on SAML Service provider no need to login on openIDM. I am able login with openIDM same scenrio as reverse for SSO.

    But there is one issue like single log out case if i log out from service provider that case not able to log out from openIDM same as if log out from openIDM that case not able to log out from service provider.

    Kindly provide me the steps how to support single log out between SAML SP and openIDM.

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