ForgeRock OpenAM and Social Authentication (Facebook) using OAuth2

The video demonstration embedded below this write-up is dangerously similar to the video here , published more than three months ago. I’ve had challenges making this one though, which is when my colleagues Jon Knight and Albert Ayoub stepped forward to lend a helping hand. So if you are ready, let’s see how ForgeRock OpenAM lets a user authenticate against his/her Facebook account to gain access to OpenAM (read applications protected by OpenAM).


There is a very useful article around this right here.

This blog post was first published @, included here with permission.


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  1. DavidPui 4 years ago

    Thanks Rajesh.

    I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet. But will do.


  2. Dear Rajesh.
    it’s work in Firefox , but i try on sarafi Facebook dot not response iPlanetDirectoryPro
    and webrowse donot redirect to mysite

    Please help me

  3. i used SSL centification not work , but OPEnam not have ssl then it’s work fine

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