ForgeRock Development Environment Setup

As community contributions manager, I’m on a mission to make it easier for contributors to help us to build the best Identity platform in the world. A big part of that is helping contributors get a working development environment for the Open Identity Platform as quickly as possible.

Configuring development environments can be a pain. We all have different projects we work on, and having to change versions of maven, subversion etc is awkward and not fun, not to mention time consuming.

So, in order to reduce this pain to a minimum I have been working on some scripts to configure a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop VM to be a ForgeRock Development Environment that you can use to work with our Open Identity Platform code. It ensures the following are installed;

  • Maven 3.0.5
  • Subversion 1.6.17 (this one is a real pain manually)
  • Vim 7.4
  • openjdk-7-jdk
  • Eclipse (Luna, Java edition, SR2, 64bit for Linux) with all the plugins required to interact with maven and subversion, i.e. m2eclipse & subclipse + plugins and adapters.

All the versions line up and the environment is configured so that you don’t get the annoying messages about JavaHL not being found!

I’ve used it myself to create a development environment running in an Ubuntu VM on my macbook pro. It works nicely and Ubuntu’s a much nicer os than OS X anyway [ducks to avoid flames]….

OK, I’m sold. How where is it and how do I use it?

I figured the best way to distribute this was via our ForgeRock Github pages, so that we can all improve the scripts over time, fork it to configure other IDE’s etc.

The URL is;

I look forward to your comments, improvements and contributions!


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  1. fbenoit 8 years ago


    Why not configuring a Codenvy factory with contribution plugin enabled ? then contributors may start to contribute with a one-click operation. Nothing to install locally

  2. Author
    Jamie Bowen 7 years ago


    I’d not heard of Codevny before. It looks really interesting! I’ll certainly look into it! Thanks for the pointer.


  3. Manchanda, P 7 years ago

    Any plans to use Gradle and Artificatory for dependency management.

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