OpenAM UMA Sneak peek

After the User Managed Access 1.0 specifications have been finalized, our engineers are running at full speed.

I managed to get hold of the latest trunk version of OpenAM and started to see what we could do with UMA, so here a sneak peek, I hope I am not adding “spoilers”:

Alice User Profile page:


Alice is the owner of a resource that she can see here:

Alice wants to share the resource with her husband Bob:

And why not with her fellow colleague demo :-) :

She can change her mind and review the Sharing for the resource example1:

Ah, and she can see the audit log, i.e. the history of all she has shared:


Interested, give it a try. Documentation will come soon.


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  1. [email protected] 7 years ago

    Looks great to share resources as inspired by Google share!
    I’ve got a question in mind: it it possible for the user to control which information to share from a personal identity profile like I want to share in my SAML/OAuth my mobile number to some friends but not with some websites to avoid spam calls ?

  2. [email protected] 7 years ago

    that could be implemented assigning a specific resource type to each attribute the user can self manage

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