The UMA V1.0 candidate specs are in public review

As chair of the Kantara Initiative’s User-Managed Access (UMA) Work Group, I’m pleased to say that the group has published Version 1.0 candidate specifications for the requisite 45-day public review period prior to an All-Member Ballot for Recommendation status, which we anticipate will take place in the first half of 2015. This is an especially important time for close inspection, so please take a look! You can find all the links and review forms you need here. The review period closes on Friday, February 20.

From the technical perspective, web protocols and standards are more efficient to design and implement than ever before. Development tools, RESTful interfaces, JavaScript, and the like have dissolved many a barrier. From the business and human perspective, perhaps things haven’t changed so much! Here’s a look at the progress of UMA and its cousin technologies, OAuth and OpenID Connect, through their various standardization tracks. The lighter-colored arrows reflect less formal efforts and less complete work items.

UMA spec



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