Dogs and cats living together: Crowdsourced #RSAC sessions need YOUR input

RSA logoAnyone who has written a submission (or three) for the RSA conference has likely struggled with putting together a compelling topic by the super-early due date, when, at times, the fast pace of security technology could change everything you want to say by event time. And then a bunch of faceless people pass judgment…

Well, the folks putting together #RSAC are trying a cool new thing this year: a track of crowdsourced sessions, put together a couple of weeks before showtime, on which everyone can vote! I’m honored to be among the judges making final selections among the top vote-getters. My fellow judges are Jack Daniel, Alex Hutton, Jennifer Minella, and Rich Mogull.

To learn how this is all going to work, check out the official site and the FAQs. The submission site opens on Thursday, January 29, so start thinking about what you’d like to submit. And make sure to follow @RSAConference.

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