Take HEART: New standards group for security, privacy, and authorized sharing of personal health data

Do you have a stake in solving issues of security, privacy, and authorized sharing of individual health data in the modern world? You are cordially invited to join the HEART Working Group! HEART stands for Health Relationship Trust. The HEART WG is striving to bring individual control of health data sharing in the modern API-driven world closer to reality by focusing on interoperability, implementability, speed of execution, real-world use cases, and broad involvement by stakeholders.

What are we trying to accomplish in the HEART WG? You can read the whole charter here. In short, the WG is focusing on individual-centric health data sharing scenarios (rather than institution-centric ones); controlling access to RESTful health-related data sharing APIs (rather than other types of web services); and layered profiles of OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and User-Managed Access (UMA) where possible (rather than inventing new ways of solving problems already handled by these specifications).

While the WG’s work is intended to be internationally applicable in scope, its impetus was an effort by the US Health IT Standards Committee (HITSC), which is charged with making recommendations to the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) on standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria for the electronic exchange and use of health information. The WG’s initial work will include an examination of key use cases contributed by ONC.

The HEART work is taking place at the OpenID Foundation, and anyone can join the WG at no monetary cost. You need only complete a contribution agreement. We plan to hold weekly teleconferences and to conduct some discussion by email, and we may hold opportunistic face-to-face meetings as well. The WG will begin meeting in January 2015, at which time the WG will consider nominations from conveners Debbie Bucci of ONC and myself, Eve Maler of ForgeRock, as co-chairs.

Join the WG and help determine the future success of health data sharing!

PS: You can read my previous post on HEART here.

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