Introducing OpenAM 12

We recently announced our latest round of products, including OpenAM 12. As part of our release we wanted to ensure you had access to key resources to get up to speed on OpenAM 12 prior to it being released later in December.

New features in OpenAM 12 include:

New Policy Editor

  • This delivers greater control over who can do what, when, and under which conditions.
  • Using point and click, drag and drop operations, sophisticated policies can be built to deliver controlled access to resources.

Policy Export and Import

  • By allowing policies to be externalised to rich XACML-format files, policies can be held in version control repositories. Policies can then be restored or pushed into production by importing them back into OpenAM.
  • It can also be used to track who has made changes to a given policy over time, and what those changes were.

Mobile Support

  • Widely used in mobile and web applications, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards are rigorously enforced ensuring greater interoperability and consistent behaviour for developers.
  • The Mobile Profile is an emerging standard which extends OpenID Connect to deliver attribute which are important in the mobile world. By including
  • Level of Assurance and other information as part of the token, OpenID Connect can be used in deployments requiring high security, whilst delivering a convenient experience for the end user.
  • Adaptive Authentication including device fingerprinting ensures mobile devices are trusted.
  • REST APIs allow developers to create device agnostic applications. The same API access OpenAM from a Web or a native mobile application.
  • OATH/Soft Token Generator, MSISDN and HOTP (One Time Password) capabilities enable multi- factor and mobile authentication.

Cloud Support

  • Easily create federated SSO connections with SaaS apps via a GUI-based wizard or can use out-of- the-box, Google Apps connectors among others.
  • Easily setup social authentication with Google, Facebook, MSN, or any OAuth 2.0 provid
  • Simple click through setup of Federation IDP and SPs using SAML, OpenID Connect and

Developer Support

  • Exposes functions as simple identity web services, so developers can easily invoke them during the app development process.
  • Provides client application programming interfaces with REST, Java and C APIs
  • RESTful APIs enable JSON or XML over HTTP, allowing users to access authentication, authorization, and identity services from web applications using REST clients.


Want to learn more? Register for our in-depth technical webinar on Dec. 16 with Director of Product Management for OpenAM, Andy Hall

Or watch our in-depth presentation on OpenAM 12 from our recent IRM Summit:

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  1. Scott Heger 8 years ago

    Great job on OpenAM 12! Lots of new goodies in this version!

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