Welcome to our new Community Resource Center, ForgeRock.org

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our users with access to resources and code, and to improve our ability to work with you on contributions (both code, plus advice and guidance), we are pleased to present our re-launched ForgeRock.org online resource.

What can this new site do for you, you ask?

  • We’ve consolidated our technical resources and will be adding more over time.
  • You will be able to collaborate on all our projects, and join us to help make our products better.
  • You can join the discussion around future technologies from ForgeRock, and participate in the forging of our new initiatives.
  • Join the discussion around the recently announced User Managed Access initiative, OpenUMA.
  • You can work together with other members of the community to build a body of knowledge around using ForgeRock products.
  • You can interact, earn badges and ranks, get access to stuff, and become a community leader!

After looking around the site, stop by our discussion forums and give us feedback on the site.

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