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So I have been a fan of ecto for some time now as a blogging editor and manager.

it is quite nice, in that it lets you set up multiple accounts, and manage each separately, and has quite a nice facility for working with tags as well. So I am going to use it as I put together a few blog entries for the new site.

The config is actually quite simple:

  • create a new account,
  • select the type to be wordpress
  • set the end point to be

And lo and behold, ecto will add the community blogs to your list of accounts.

So this is my first attempt at using ecto to publish, lets see how it works!


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  1. David G. Simmons 8 years ago

    I used to be an Ecto user, but several years ago I switched to MarsEdit from Red Sweater Software and have never looked back. *really* nice editor for WordPress blogs with integration with iPhoto, etc. It also supports importing your blog’s template — with a fair amount of work — so that you can preview *exactly* what your post will look like once posted. Off-line editing, etc. as well.

  2. Brad Tumy 8 years ago

    From a Mac user perspective it looks like your only options are MarsEdit, Ecto and now Blogo. I like the simplicity of the Blog UI but I am not sure that it is as full featured as the other two editors, based on reading reviews and comments. I am curious, Allan, does Ecto allow you to post to preview mode so that your copy editor or someone else can review and edit before making the post live?

  3. David G. Simmons 8 years ago

    MarsEdit does allow you to post to ‘Draft’ status so that content can be reviewed prior to publication. Not sure about Ecto as I haven’t used it in many many years.

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