Security in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the third wave in the development of the Internet. It is estimated that 28 billion devices will be connected by year 2020. The amount of information that these devices send over the internet and the fact that this information is stored somewhere introduces security and privacy concerns.

Poor security and lack of standards are the main inhibitors for the adoption of IoT and M2M.

Check the recommendations for implementing IoT in a secure way, where Identity Relationship Management plays a key role:




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  1. Aron Kozak 8 years ago

    For those interested in learning more about our Internet of Things initiatives, be sure to join our IoT group:

  2. David G. Simmons 8 years ago

    Nice set of slides. The enormity of the problem is compounded by the (projected) enormity of the number of connected devices projected. Access authorization, identity management, key management, etc. is a manageable task with a few thousand to a few million devices but when you start to envision the scale needed for a few Billion devices, or more, implementation can be a daunting task. Replication, scalability, redundancy, etc. all become more complex tasks.

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